Welcome July!

Hello, it's my first post in this website. The idea of creating this site is I want to discover, experience, and share about how to create something by ourselves, by our own idea. The point is that we don't have to buy them in any shop out there. If you, yourself, could make it, why not?

I always admire people who have such briliant ideas to create such beatiful and amazing artworks. I have followed many artists/crafters on instagram and they are all incredibly fascinating. Sometimes I wonder how they could do it? Like...wow!

Okay, so today I made a simple bookmark from pompom. Indeed, I am currently in love with pompom and I found some pompom-ideas on Pinterest and then I made this one. This is very simple, you just need one little pompom and it's done. Magic!

This looks so cute for me

I can't wait to try another pompom-ideas <3

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